Get Crafty and Give Your Empty Kleenex Box a 2nd Life

1 minute Read

Tissue box sitting next to an open book on a table

Are you ready to make some clever crafts? Kleenex® Brand is here to help with an instant activity that’s fun for everyone involved.

Instead of recycling your empty boxes, try transforming them into an arts and crafts project that lets you bond with the entire family. It’s a sustainable and low-cost activity that brings minimal mess and maximum fun.

Are you wondering where to start? Look no further than the boxes themselves. You’ll find convenient instructions for quick and easy crafts like bookmarks, picture frames, and other fun DIY projects.

Let your imagination run free with a box of Kleenex®. Whether it’s a new toy, fun ornament or handy organizer--there’s no limit to what you can create! Have fun exploring what’s unique to you and your family.

Get ahead of all the fun with some instruction examples below. Need some inspo? Browse through our Arts & Crafts articles to see what other creations have come from a Kleenex® box.

Don’t forget to share all your crafts with us on Facebook and Instagram.Bottom of tissue box with instructions on how to make picture frames Bottom of tissue box with instructions on how to make notebooks