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America’s Favorite Facial Tissue
Kleenex is America's favorite facial tissue for a reason: Each Kleenex Trusted Care facial tissue is thick and absorbent to help comfort your skin and keep your hands clean.
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Strong Tissues for When Messes Strike
Kleenex is a hygenic way to take care of stuffy noses and puffy noses with 2 strong layers to help keep your hands clean when you need it.
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Designed with You In Mind
We made Kleenex with the sniffles and the stuffy nose in mind—designed for runny noses and watery eyes.
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Absorbent 2-Ply Facial Tissues for a Stuffy Nose
Each dye-free Trusted Care tissue offers soft, strong and absorbent 2-ply care for faces and hands.
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Soft & Strong Tissues for a Crowd
With vibrant, stylish box designs you'll never want to put these tissues away.
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Get Facial Tissues Delivered
Skip the store and get Kleenex Trusted Care Facial Tissues delivered.

Check out America's favorite tissue

With must-have benefits for when sneezes, sniffles, or little drips and spills strike.

All ingredients are listed by order of predominance, meaning that the largest concentration of an ingredient is listed at the top and it moves down by amount.

Wood Pulp The main component of our tissue and towel products. In our absorbent hygiene products, it helps absorb wetness and store it away.
Water Use as a liquid base of a product and helps keep ingredients combined, and helps clean skin. It can also be a component of many materials.
Conditioners Added to our tissue and towel products to improve the overall experience of the product. Conditioners may improve softness or strength.

Kleenex® Trusted Care® Facial Tissues - Cube Box

These are cube boxes.

More information on our box size? You got it!
L x W x H
4.5" x 4.375" x 5"

This tissue has 2 plies.

The Kleenex® Brand tissues you know and love are proudly made in the USA—
South Carolina, Connecticut, Oklahoma—and Ontario, Canada. 

We support forestry practices that help conserve valuable forestlands, respect fundamental
human rights and ensure a thriving ecosystem and a sustainable source of wood fiber for the
future—100% of our pulp is from responsibly managed forests.