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What’s the pollen count in Houston today?

Type your zip code above to see today’s pollen count in Houston! Our Pollen Pal tool will show you when pollen levels are at their worst, so you can avoid allergies.

Pollen forecast for Houston

Check out the pollen forecast in Houston for the next few days. When pollen counts are low in Space City, bicycling, canoeing or kayaking in Buffalo Bayou Park can feel out of this world. If pollen counts are high, pack Kleenex On-the-Go, so you can stay prepared for allergies, wherever you are.

Pollen hotspots in Houston

If you see yellow dust on your patio furniture, spring allergy season might be here! From February through April, pollen counts seem higher than the bays at Topgolf. After pollen counts drop dramatically in May, they stay low for the rest of the year, including during a spike in September and October, so you can walk through Discovery Green or take a photography class, gardening class or habitat hike through the Houston Arboretum & Nature Center, sniffle-free. Even though Houston allergy season is fairly brief, if you want to keep seasonal allergies at bay during months with a high pollen count, you might want to steer clear of parks and grassy areas. That’s why we put together a list of seasonal-allergy-friendly activities that can help you avoid pollen during allergy season and discover what H-Town has to offer.


Allergy friendly activities in Houston

High pollen counts can leave you feeling more congested than traffic on I-610. Here are a few easy ways you can get away from pollen while having a blast during Houston’s allergy season.

Visual Art in Houston

Art can make you think…think about how much you love being indoors when the pollen count is ridiculously high. Fortunately, Houston has some incredible indoor art venues that can help you get through allergy season.

Houston Food

Houstonians love food, and it’s easy to see why. Delicious options, plus indoor seating during high pollen count days, make Houston restaurants a place to be during allergy season.

The Outdoors, Indoors

Hey, we’re all about exploring nature, but high pollen counts can mean sniffly walks down forest trails or fishing at a lake. Fortunately, there are some outstanding Houston venues that can teach you about the great outdoors, indoors. Learn about our underwater friends at the Downtown Aquarium or outer space at the Burke Baker Planetarium and Space Center Houston.

** Kimberly-Clark and the KLEENEX Brand have no association, nor affiliation with the entities described in this newsletter. All “hot spots” are provided for informational purposes only.**

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